... a COMPLETE approach to family posing

- Do you draw a blank when it's time to pose... and you have an inner FREAK OUT?

- Are you at a loss with how to approach sessions with different kinds of family... vibes?

There is a lot more to posing than meets the eye... and that's a GOOD thing. Look over the course outline below and see just what I mean!

(Did you like my sweet rhyme??)

Well guess what? Posing doesn't exist inside a vacuum, and I'm going to teach you all about family sessions from top to bottom. Let's set you up for success (and have FUN too, shall we?). 

- Do you wonder why you just aren't capturing the magical connections you dream of?

The Art of Family Curriculum

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Course introduction

I warmly welcome you to the course, and we discuss the question, "What is art and why does it matter?" Get a link to our student Facebook group, and set the tone for the rest of the course!

module 1: The art of family

Sections include:
- The Blessing of Photography
- The Great Family Tree
- Every Family is Different
- The "Family Brand"

module 2:
the art of expectation
and experience

Sections include:
- Perspective
- Manage Those Expectations
- The Experience of Working
   with You

module 3:
the art of conversation

Sections include:
- Nobody Talks About How Much
  We Have to Talk!
- How Conversations Benefit Everyone
- It's Up to You!
- Sticky Situations

module 4: The art of timing

Sections include:
- Time is Precious
- 60 Minute Timeline
- (Special Surprise for Students)

module 5: The art of creativity and posing

Sections include:
- Perspective (Again!)
- Get Movin'
- (Special Surprise for Students)

module 6:
the art of composition

Sections include:
- Composition Introduction
- Circles and Sticks
- Composition Examples
- Just a Bit More...

module 7: the finishing touch

Sections include:
- Winged Victory
- Thank You!

The session archive

(Always adding new content) A bonus section of various sessions "behind the scenes" - watch me work, play, troubleshoot, and even... gulp... make mistakes! Get a peek behind the curtain of my sessions.

Let's delve in to family sessions in a way you've never thought of before!


Hello there, friend. After 15 years of shooting, learning from my own hurdles, zeroing in on what works every time, and investing in my own photography education (which includes my college art & design background that I infuse into this program), I am here to help YOU take your skills beyond your plateau, and straight over to your happy place... artistic satisfaction, and a waitlist for new clients! 

student love

Jeanna's course is a must- have for photographers of any level. Her unique way of taking photography and transforming it into an art of thinking is so unique that it completely
blew my mind!